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School Uniform



School Uniform

Physical Exercise

  • All pupils are required to be in their school uniform when attending school. Please ensure that their uniforms are clean, and they are properly attired.

  • Pupils are only allowed to be in their P.E attire during the days they have P.E and CCA lessons.

  • Pupils are required to wear white socks and shoes.

  • Kindly ensure your child’s tudung/shirt has the school badge ironed on it.

  • The songkok for boys must be made from the velvet fabric. Folded songkok is not allowed. Only black songkok is allowed.


  • Female pupils must bring along their prayer garment (white telekung with a pair of black socks) to school.

  • All students must bring a small prayer mat (sejadah).

  • Their prayer mats & garments will be kept in school and to be brought home every Friday.

  • P.E shirt is to be worn with long, black track pants.

  • For safety reasons, we discourage children from wearing accessories or jewellery to school.

  • Female students are not allowed to wear henna/decorative henna on their hands to school.


School Uniform

Physical Exercise

  • Shoe with laces are not allowed for primary one so that it will not be a hassle for them during prayers sessions.

  • It is advisable to label your child’s / ward’s shoes and socks so that

  • he / she will be able to identify them easily.

  • The school will provide your child / ward with lanyard name tags. Please note that the lanyard name tags are part of their school uniform.

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